SaaS Analytics for Small Business: Affordable and Necessary

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become very popular in today’s age due to its ease of accessibility, affordability, and ability to maintain functionality as an organization grows. SaaS makes up a third of cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), and is defined as a model of software with subscription-based delivery and licensing. With analytics platforms that have adopted a SaaS model, you can store and access data, programs, and many different applications with an internet connection instead of needing access to a computer’s hard drive. Small companies are transferring to SaaS analytics platform options due to the many benefits including lower costs, ease of use, ease of management, scaling, and accessibility.

Low costs

There’s no need to splurge on expensive analytics solutions. Many small or medium-sized businesses (SMB) pay a monthly or annual subscription for one of the many SaaS-based business intelligence offerings on the market. SaaS analytics platforms save money because they run in a cloud environment as opposed to on an on premise server that requires set up, ongoing maintenance, etc. This lets businesses avoid the time, cost, and work of designing, developing, and maintaining their own system. A SaaS BI option is an -improved, and relatively speaking inexpensive solution for small businesses, even in the long run as the provider is responsible for security and maintenance of the system.

Ease of use

Most modern analytics platforms are designed with the everyday business user in mind, eliminating the need for in-depth IT assistance. Intuitive design and easy to navigate dashboards reduce training time for most platform offerings, helping a company pinpoint its focus on other important matters. Small businesses can jump right in without delay. SaaS is an excellent option for small businesses that want to personalize business applications and gain a broader overview of the organization. Many options contain easy to follow practices and how-to videos/blogs, allowing deeper exploration in an organization’s data. Take Qlik Sense Business®, for example. Qlik Sense Business is a data visualization and discovery SaaS option that enables businesses to make informed decisions quickly. A platform like this is useful for small businesses — from tracking employee performance to navigating financial reports and other company metrics — as long as an organization has aggregated the necessary data. An analytics solution, whether Qlik Sense Business, Tableau, or PowerBI, etc is essential to communicate the story behind the numbers.

Ease of Management

SaaS BI platforms facilitate organizational management, especially in the case of small businesses. Today, many options like Qlik deliver an entire system of business applications, making it simple to manage key performance indicators (KPIs) in one spot. This could include metrics related to tracking sales and marketing activity, monitoring human resources operations, managing inventory, and hitting financial targets. Executives must have access to functional applications that deliver visibility into the organization efficiently and effectively, regardless of company size. With increased capabilities, executives can get organized and focus on business growth.

SaaS business intelligence (BI) also enables simplified data visualization and analytics, leading to fast data-based decision making. Converting from data collection to data analysis is precisely what BI is about, and SaaS provides an opportunity for smaller organizations to take advantage of this alongside larger counterparts. It empowers business users to generate insights without the need for technical expertise.

Ease of Scalability

Another benefit of SaaS solutions is the ability to scale. SaaS platforms scale alongside the business itself as subscribers can easily update subscription type to accommodate more users/functions as the business grows. Small businesses need to be able to grow without impeding the work process. The subscription-based system allows small businesses to keep moving forward due to the inherent flexibility. Updating your plan is generally much more painless when it comes time to upgrading storage or services. When businesses grow, so do software capabilities. 

Use anywhere at anytime

SaaS may also benefit SMB due to high convenience and accessibility factors. Unlike traditional business intelligence, cloud-based solutions can be accessed wherever there is a secure internet connection. Options generally support a variety of systems and browsers (platform dependent), making it easier to work on the go and create and share reports in minutes. SaaS BI can automatically update dashboards with the latest information, often in real-time. Small businesses can start using these tools more quickly, avoiding the hassles of installing on-premise software.

When It Comes to SaaS and Small Business

When it comes to SaaS, small businesses benefit from the lowered-cost, ease of use, simplified overview, scalability, and broad accessibility. SaaS is growing fast and becoming more popular than traditional software or hardware. Businesses are moving towards SaaS BI options, where they can easily subscribe to and change the services needed, without having to worry about the maintenance of systems. Business intelligence providers, such as Qlik, help your small business become more proficient and react quickly by uniting information from a variety of applications and software enterprises use today. Learn more about Qlik Sense Business, and be sure to check out our other blogs.

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